5 Reasons You Need a Doula

​You are pregnant, and that is such a crazy, exciting, and potentially scary journey! Either you’ve just found out or you’ve known for a for a while, but either way you will need support. Giving birth can be scary, painful, and seem like it’s out of your control, but a birth doula can help you navigate all that, whether it’s your first birth or your fifth! A birth doula is someone who will support you through your pregnancy and birth process, no matter what. 

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

A skilled doula empowers a woman to communicate her needs and perceptions and actualize her dream of a healthy, positive birth experience.

~Kenneth j. Gruber, phd

1. Having a doula decreases rate of interventions needed during labor.

Studies show that having a birth doula decreases the use of forceps, vacuum extractions, episiotomies, and the caesarean rate by 50%. A doula can also help a mother have a drug-free birth decreasing the need for Pitocin, increasing the chance of a spontaneous vaginal labor, and increased natural plane relief.

2. A doula is a comforter.

Your doula is there to support you in every aspect of childbirth personalized to you. Your doula can comfort you through words of affirmation, pep talks, massages, labor positions, breathing techniques, and so much more. She can help create a comfortable and soothing birth environment regardless of where you choose to give birth. Whether you are in a hospital, birthing center, or your home she can create a safe space so all you have to focus on is giving birth. She is experienced and can offer you guidance and reassurance during what can be a stressful time.

3. Doulas aren’t just for the birthing person.

Doulas help the father and other support personnel know how and where they can be of service to the mother or birthing person. Doulas can help the father and support personnel get the rest they need without feeling guilty. They can help fathers and support personnel know what is happening and how they can help bring their partners pain levels down. Doulas help dads and support personnel figure out what role they and their partner wants them to play in the birthing process and give them the confidence needed to help. Doulas don’t replace the fathers, partners, or other support personnel; they provide them with the support and knowledge to be able to help in an effective way.

“Doulas are the golf caddies to the birth world. The birth is your game and we have all the tools to help you play your best game”

~ Unknown

4. Doulas know that your birth experience matters.

Your doula acts as your advocate during pregnancy and childbirth. Your birth experience matters and will always be different from the people around you and from kid to kid. Having a birth doula helps you to personalize your birth experience to what works for you. No one can tell you exactly how you birth is going to go or ensure that your birth plan goes exactly the way you want it to. Your birth doula can help you navigate through the uncertainty that is childbirth by helping you know and understand all your options when it feels like there aren’t any.

5. Having a doula can mean a better postpartum experience.

Studies show that having a doula decreases anxiety leading up to and during birth as well as decreasing your risk of postpartum depression. In the weeks following the birth of your child, your doula can help you process you birth experience by being a nonjudgmental and unbiased listening ear.

Whether you’re having an epidural, a C-section, waterbirth, natural birth, or anything else, your doula will be by your side through it all! With a doula by your side to advocate for you during a time that can feel out of control can turn a stressful situation into a magical memory.