Birth Support Package-$800


Birth clients receive text and call support via phone, text, and email 24/7 upon hiring. 2 formal prenatal visits are provided to help you develop and customize your birth options and prepare you for labor and delivery. If requested I will attend up to 3 prenatal doctors’ appointments. (Increased visits or virtual visits as needed). I will provide prenatal lactation support, education, and preparation.


At 36 weeks I will be on-call as you are nearing your expected due date. Once contacted that your labor has started I will start walking you through the labor process and arrive as soon as possible. Using various techniques discussed during your prenatal appointments will help keep you comfortable as labor progresses. If delivering at home I will continue to assist you with the assistance of a medical professional of your choice. If traveling to a hospital or birth center, I will help you know when it is time to go and continue to support you at the location of your choice. I will attend the birth and will remain with you for up to 2 hours postpartum. I will provide support during first latch, and will be available 24/7 for the first 72 hours after birth.


I will provide 2 postpartum visits within a 6 week period. We will discuss your birth experience to help you process what happened and answer any questions you may have. Up to 2 weeks of postpartum lactation su

Lactation Counseling – $450/month


During your pregnancy, you are preparing for the birth of your baby but you are also preparing for life after birth. With prenatal lactation counseling, I can talk with you about your specific goals and what to expect with breastfeeding.


While there are some instincts that come with breastfeeding, a lot of it is learned. Whether you are breastfeeding, pumping, formula feeding, or a mixture of feeding methods I am here to help. I can help you check your baby’s latch, increase your milk supply, wean your baby, hand express, pump without increasing your supply, and more. Above all, I am here to be a listening ear. There are a lot of emotions surrounding lactation and I am here to offer a nonjudgmental ear, support, information, and advice. 

Childbirth Education Classes – $100

Take control of your birth story!

Hyer Birth Doulas childbirth education series combines evidence based information with mental and physical training. We will help you prepare your mind and body for a positive birth experience. You will learn about the basic aspects of labor, birth, and postpartum. This childbirth education series will help you feel calmer, more confident, and ready to take control of your birth story!

What You’ll Learn

4 – Day Series

Session 1: Birth basics
  • Stages and signs of labor
  • Physiology & Hormones
  • Myths surrounding childbirth
  • Your birth place options
Session 2: Customize Your Journey
  • Build your birthing team
  • Labor and birthing positions
  • Comfort techniques
  • Medical interventions available
Session 3: The Fourth Stage
  • What to expect immediately following birth
  • Golden hour options
  • Latching & Breastfeeding Basics
Session 4: Postpartum
  • How to take care of YOU
  • Normal vs Common
  • Newborn Basics
  • Common breastfeeding & pumping ailments
  • Resources in your area

1 – Day Master Class

This master class will over the birth basics, how to customize your birth jounery, the fourth stage of labor, and postpartum recovery. You will learn what to expect, what it might feel like, and what your options are. After your class you will have everything you need to take control of your birth and lactation story.

“Giving birth should be your greatest achievement not your greatest fear.”

~ Jane Weildeman
pregnant woman wearing a yellow dress and a crown posing while standing in water